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Why etiology is important?

Etiology is the study of causation or origination. Without knowing the etiological cause of a disease, patients are just being treated for symptomatic relief.

Stop Disease Complications

Not identifying etiology leads to progression of the underlying root cause of the disease.


Early detection of disease etiology will lead to improved patient outcomes.


Early etiological diagnosis has proven to reduce medical costs significantly.

Cyanodoc Etiological Diagnosis System

An algorithm driven root cause analysis system which helps patient identify the right specialist and improves the doctor's ability to arrive at the correct etiological diagnosis.

Identify right medical specialist

Based on the symptoms entered by the patients our AI powered tool can recommend the right medical specialist.

Get a comprehensive symptom assessment

Our symptom assessment alogirhtm ensures that patients are assessed comprehensively for all of their symptoms

Find Etiological Diagnosis

Our etiology algorithm designed by doctors helps put all your data points together to arrive at the etiological diagnosis.


Chetan Desai


Leads the overall Cyanodoc team.
Passionate about AI algorithms.

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Heads our Business Development team.
Passionate about strategy & marketing.

Dr. Ankush Desai

Chief Medical Advisor

Heads our Medical Algorithm team.
Passionate about disease etiology.

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